September 16, 2013

Using Paper to Engage with your Audience

Being personalisation evangelists for many years the one overlooked piece in the jigsaw that would enhance engagement with the audience is paper.

Now more than ever it is important to invoke an emotional response from the recipient, something that print can do if designed and targeted correctly, but paper is the very thing that is the tactile centrepiece of a print campaign, the very thing the audience touches and even smells.

Paper technology has advanced hugely in recent years with smell, texture, weight and transparency all playing a part in enriching creative design. New paper such as the Curious Matter range from Antalis includes Metallic, Skin, Touch, Cosmic and Translucent with the Goya paper having a special coating made from particles of raw potato starch giving it a texture resembling sand and silk. This produces an unexpected element when you hold it.

Creative design can also be enhanced with the use of multiple types of paper within one piece of collateral or the use of coloured paper producing an extra layer to the design.

Whatever message you are sending try giving the type of paper you use some extra thought within the creative process.

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