November 14, 2014

Please Don’t Call Me – Use Direct Marketing

Romax can help charities find more effective methods to reach people as they say ‘Please Don’t Call Me’ in response to pressured sales calls – namely Direct Marketing.

In light of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA)’s new code of practice, charities now have to widen their scope in terms of contacting potential supporters. The code discourages charities from calling people on the telephone at what is considered to be anti-social times, by considering their target audience when scheduling the delivery of communications. Members of the DMA must not adopt high-pressure selling techniques and should avoid exploiting inexperience or lack of knowledge, particularly in vulnerable call recipients.

With this in mind, direct mail campaigns are becoming increasingly effective for charities. Direct mail can be targeted to reach a specific group of people; by using demographics such as age or postcode, charities are able to methodically aim their marketing at people who are most likely to engage. Direct mail is therefore personal and likely to bear resonance to the recipient. Print mail such as brochures and leaflets are tangible and harder to dismiss than an email, and can be a crucial element of an integrated marketing campaign that also encompasses TV, radio, press and online marketing. Most crucially, response to direct mail is measurable, so charities, with their tight budgets and stringent fiscal accountability, can assess the efficiency of their campaigns literally “by return”.

As a marketing services company, Romax appreciates the logical process of direct mail campaigns. Handling every aspect of your marketing campaign from data and design to print and delivery, our dynamic approach ensures the most cost-effective and appealing mail for every charity. According to Billet Media Monitoring the opening rate for direct mail sent to prospects stands at 91%, making it the best way for charities to encourage new support. Having worked with a broad range of charities, Romax have an in-depth understanding of VAT exemption regulations on appeal mailings, ensuring that your next charity fund-raising project is in safe hands.

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