November 5, 2020

Leveraging Customer Data for a Better Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

There is a misconception that direct mail marketing is no longer needed in the digital-first environment. Many businesses have halted this strategy in favour of email marketing and other digital strategies.

But traditional mail is still highly effective in increasing acquisitions. Research has found that the response rate for direct mail is often better than its digital counterparts. With the right strategy, you can use direct mail to strengthen your digital marketing campaign.

How to Optimise Direct Mail Marketing with Customer Data

An effective way to improve your direct mail marketing campaign is to personalise its messaging. Your online platforms provide you with a valuable resource for customer data. Create different segments for your mailing list using this information.


Create different content that targets specific segments of your audience. Categorise them by age, gender or occupation. If you have multiple customers working in the same industry, you can send them mail specific to their jobs. Some might prefer product specs, while others might prefer promos, deals and discounts.


Digital marketers use their target audience’s location to improve lead generation and conversion rates. By categorising customers according to location, you improve brand awareness and loyalty in the right areas. This is particularly helpful when you have seasonal products and services, and your reach is far and wide. You can actively market summer items in one location while advertising winter items in another.

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Personal Interests

You may use your direct mail marketing to create personal connections with customers. Send customers special promotions or invitations to events based on their preferences. You can also use this opportunity to make tie-ups between your brand and relevant events in the area. By sending these through the mail, you set yourself apart from the usual pile of bills and solicitations.

Special Events

An important part of marketing is making connections to build relationships. Your customer database gives you access to personal information, including birthdays. Use your direct mail marketing campaign to send customers birthday messages. Personalise this tactic by including a special discount or deal that runs for the entirety of their birthday month. Alternatively, you can send customers special messages and promos on the anniversary of their first purchase with your brand.


Customer engagement happens on various channels, from your website and social media accounts to a visit to your store. Use these interactions with your brand to make sure the messaging you send them is unique every time. Create different categories, such as:

  • Customers who completed their first purchase;
  • Customers who visited your store for the first time; or
  • Customers who’ve made multiple transactions with your business.

These will help you keep track of their journey through the sales funnel, giving you valuable information on how to approach them with the right messaging.

Several ways exist to leverage your customer data for your direct mail marketing campaign. It’s only a matter of understanding how to analyse and utilise the given information effectively. Romax is your partner in developing a direct mail marketing campaign that will improve your bottom line.

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