April 23, 2018

Top 5 Reasons to Use Direct Mail

Written by Nilda Cerna, Marketing Manager.


Consumers are constantly exposed to a series of digital advertisements and communications, according to “Direct Mail an opportunity to Grow” a study by Xerox, an individual receives 100 emails per week on average and 16 direct mail per week. Moreover, Royal Mail MarketReach in their “It’s all about Mail and eMail” point out that 51% of emails are deleted within two seconds and 56% of consumers say mail grabs their attention. Check out our 45 Facts about Direct Mail. Therefore, the opportunity for Direct Mail is massive.

You can use direct mail at different stages of your marketing communication, to achieve different goals, from lead generation, acquisition, retention, reactivation and referral. You must know how to measure your direct mail, in order to track responses and calculate your campaign ROI.

If you have some questions about launching a printed communication campaign, you may find answers below.


Top 5 Reasons to use Direct Mail


  1. Stand Out From the Crowd

The saturation seen in online advertising makes finding other channels and resources to stand out a critical one. Direct mail brings you versatile options such as a letter, postcards and catalogues amongst others. Have you kept your IKEA Catalogue for the whole year? Have you bought a product either online or in the shop just because of what you have seen it in a catalogue? This is the impact and opportunity that direct marketing and your company can’t miss out on.

The 2018 JIC Mail Report confirms that the average household receives about 1.3 pieces of direct mail per day. If we compare this figure with the one hundred digital impacts on average, there is still plenty of space for DM.  The report also reveals that over the subsequent twenty-eight days since delivery, individuals are still opening and reacting to their mail.


  1. Brand Awareness

When people touch things, their brain suggests some ownership over them, this tactile imprint is one of the reasons that printed communication helps to place your brand in your clients’ mind through the power of touch. Furthermore, a research from Millward Brown confirms that, when a person is exposed to multiple digital formats and paper communication, the brand depicted through print is more highly-valued in comparison with electronic marketing.

A Sappi research concludes that people who assess brands purely on the way they were being promoted (high-quality paper versus cheaper paper and online) they found they were three times more likely to recall the name of the brand on quality paper and were more impressed by that brand.

According to the Private Life of Mail, Royal Mail MarketReach study, 60% of people say that Direct Mail positively reminded them about a brand or company.

  1. Increase Loyalty

With fake news proliferating everywhere, the role of printed communication to deliver both, trustworthy brand messaging and to drive loyalty is vital. Sending a piece of direct mail brings your client a sense of seriousness and integrity about your business, for caring about them and for the money invested by them in your brand. 55% of the people feel that Mail gives them a better impression of the company.

Furthermore, if you send a targeted communication, utilising appropriate data, including their name, products acquired, local offer, image personalisation, among others printed personalisation, which helps to increase loyalty compared with your competitors.

Sappi also suggests that print benefits from “the endowment effect”, which is our tendency to value things more because we own them.


  1. Increase Sales Either for Retention or Activation

The acquisition isn’t the only goal for a marketer, how to keep your client using your services and products is extremely important.  Direct Marketing, both alone or combined with a digital campaign can help to increase sales up to inbound and outbound, but, the part of if you are working on a niche, or you just want to

If you operate in an e-commerce business, promoting your online service or product or you have an app, you should know that 87% of people were influenced to make an online purchase and 43% of people download something from a website as a direct result of receiving Direct Mail.

  1. Reactivate Customers Who Haven’t Transacted for a While

All businesses have a high percentage of prospects and clients who have completed a sign-up a form, requested a quote, downloaded an app, but you never hear from them anymore, it’s likely that they also put your emails in the junk folder.

A piece of Direct Mail helps to remind the prospect of your brand and services.



Source: Direct Mail an opportunity to Growth, Xerox. Print Power magazine spring 2017, Royal Mail ReachMarket.

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