June 28, 2013

The Digital Printer Awards 2013

Romax has entered The Digital Printer Awards 2013.

Category: Photobooks, yearbooks and hard cover reports.

Title: www.photoleaf.co.uk media pack and sales brochure.
Run Length: 250
Description: Full colour 12pp A5 (6 Spreads) wrap around hard cover lay flat marketing book.
Design: Romax design team.
Brief: Create marketing collateral to be used for Press, PR, Marketing and Sales across a B2B sale as well as promotion to the general public at events.

Photoleaf.co.uk is a new brand with impressive growth plans aimed at capturing a large share in a growing market as well as compete against and take market share from the current major providers of photobooks. Their target market is split between a direct consumer sale through their photoleaf website and brand, as well as providing white label products for Businesses selling to their own established client base. They also seek to sell premium products as high end marketing collateral and event marketing.

The Solution:
The clearest way to sell a product is to produce the product as the sales piece. This said, there was a clear requirement to provide a marketing product that not only described the quality, brand and ethos of the company, but also clearly demonstrated the quality the client will purchase.

Romax designed and produced a ‘pocket guide’ to photobooks with a flowing wrap ‘denim stitched pocket’ image visually stating what photoleaf supply as well as making a clear written statement. Designed to demonstrate the ease by which a photobook is produced from both a consumer and a business to business sale. The brand which is crisp, clean and sophisticated with a clear underlying ethos of customer service and corporate social responsibility, is therefore effectively presented.

The page designs were created to tell a story; to introduce photobooks to a broader population and highlight the increased availability of improved lay flat finishing over the more standard book binding. The flow of the book takes the reader through the uses and options, the most appropriate services available for the various clients and finally demonstrates the main uses for photobooks.

To demonstrate the various finishing options provided by Photoleaf on their products, we split the lamination 3 ways across the book to showcase the Gloss, Matt and Soft Touch lamination finishing options.

The Digital Printer

200 of the books were subsequently despatched as part of a cross media campaign designed and communicated by Romax involving digitally printed personalised letter and a teaser email campaign managed by Romax, to a list of press and potential corporate clients, as part of the launch of the brand on May 26th 2013. The remaining print is for the corporate sales team, on-site, experiential, supplier and future media pack marketing.

Immediate response of the press pack: Photoleaf were contacted by 2 newspapers and a Channel 5 TV show next day. They expect to reach 5 published articles and estimated audience of 5 million people. Estimated conversion rate above 500 orders with an estimated order value of £50,000.

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