Print Power Seminar Video

Brochure Printing Services

Print Power, Two Sides and the BPiF link up to produce an insightful seminar to discuss the future of Print and the impact that it can have. Print Power Seminar Special Report…Watch the video click the image Romax Marketing & Distribution, a Greenwich-London based company, provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2C, Direct […]

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Report summarises the unique benefit to advertisers of print advertising.

Printed Marketing

Two sides report summarises the unique benefit to advertisers of print advertising. While on-screen reading occupies an increasing amount of consumer time, people’s preferences are still for a paper reading which they believe to be a ‘safe’ medium which is more informative, less distracting and less harmful to their eyes.” With more and more time […]

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Two Sides launches European fact sheets

Two Sides launches European fact sheets to combat environmental misconceptions of print and paper   Print and paper is a highly sustainable form of communication in today’s digital society. Despite this, there are still misconceptions that it is wasteful, detrimental to the environment and responsible for deforestation. More worrying is the misunderstanding that digital communication […]

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Two Sides Press Release

The is an extract from a recent ‘Two Sides’ Press release. We welcome discussion around this subject so please do let us know how you feel. Two Sides launches new global initiative to stop the use of misleading “go green – go paperless” environmental claims New research reveals major global corporations are still flouting regulations […]

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Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable Marketing – Environmental and ROI considerations – Why direct mail is the smart choice.  With the modern dependence on email marketing, the value of direct mail has been somewhat overlooked. The email boom and the public’s misunderstanding about the environmental impact of this area of marketing has conspired to leave an awful lot of businesses […]

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