9 Tips for Re-energising Your Print Marketing Collateral

Is your print marketing collateral stale and ineffective? We have put together nine tips to help you freshen up your print.   Tip One: Use speciality card and paper in different shapes and sizes One way to breathe life into your print collateral is to use speciality paper. It can help you stand out and be […]

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Top 5 best print ads case studies

Print advertising is widely used for many years and has proven its records. However, the formats are changing along the technological innovations. Ads become more exciting and engaging. Moreover, marketers stepped out of digital platforms and started to use tangible advertising formats again. The Page published an amazing print ad case studies, and we would […]

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Technology Past and Present

old technology

The March of Technology from the 1980’s to Today by Malcolm Saunders, Pre-Press Team Romax 80s – BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ!!! Goes the old analogue alarm clock I used to have, as an apprentice off to work in the 80s, shocking, brash and waking up the whole house……. Today – compared to the relaxing ambient soothing alarm clock […]

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