Top 5 best Christmas print campaigns

With its power to grab attention and communicate brand messages in a single glance, print advertising is still a marketing force to be reckoned with. And it’s during the festive season that it really shines. While we’re rushing around doing all kinds of Christmassy stuff, a well-crafted print advert can cut through the noise and put a smile on our faces while at the same time […]

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Top 5 best print ads case studies

Print advertising is widely used for many years and has proven its records. However, the formats are changing along the technological innovations. Ads become more exciting and engaging. Moreover, marketers stepped out of digital platforms and started to use tangible advertising formats again. The Page published an amazing print ad case studies, and we would […]

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Report summarises the unique benefit to advertisers of print advertising.

Printed Marketing

Two sides report summarises the unique benefit to advertisers of print advertising. While on-screen reading occupies an increasing amount of consumer time, people’s preferences are still for a paper reading which they believe to be a ‘safe’ medium which is more informative, less distracting and less harmful to their eyes.” With more and more time […]

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