Are You Postage Discount Fit?

Are you postage fit

Are you gaining the correct postage discount for your bulk mailings? Are you Postage Fit? Romax are pleased to announce Royal Mail’s forthcoming trial of ‘Advertising Mail Catalogue’, a new service option geared to customers who sell their products and services from a catalogue or a brochure and wish to ‘send more for less’. The trial […]

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Citylink Post to Cease UK Services in January 2015

Citylink Post to Cease UK Services in January 2015 The Downstream Access (DSA) wholesale postal market in the UK, will see further consolidation of service providers from 9th January 2015, as Citylink Post remove their UK postal service. Citylink Post have been using Secured Mail to manage their white labelled service for many months, and […]

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Postage Price Increase

Postage Price Increase – January 2015 As previously reported in a previous blog on postage increases being brought forward to January rather than the historical April increase, Royal Mail have now released their new pricing structure for the New Year. In Summary: Advertising Mail will increase on average by 2.5% Business Mail will increase on average […]

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