Accurate, targeted membership engagement retains loyalty.

Membership Engagement

If you’re responsible for an organisation that has members there are two ways to give them an experience that will keep them loyal whilst enthusiastically recommending you to others whilst retaining their loyalty. The first is to make them feel special. Members like to feel they matter (as, of course, they do). They want to […]

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The Value of Membership Marketing

According to a Membership Marketing Report, written by Marketing General Incorporated, membership programmes are growing and fast becoming an essential part of the marketing toolbox, which is why a lot of businesses are using membership marketing to drive and sustain growth. So here we’re going to look at what membership marketing is, why it’s important and […]

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3 Reasons to Outsource Your Membership Management

Written by Nilda Cerna, Marketing Manager at Romax Marketing & Distribution. Direct Mail is one of the top three recruitment channels for new members (32%.) *   According to the 2017 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report by Marketing General Incorporated*, Word-of-Mouth WOM and digital marketing are the top two recruitment channels for  recruiting members, followed closely by Direct Mail […]

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[Webinar] 5 Successful Strategies to Improve Your Membership Programme

Free Webinar: 5 Successful Strategies to Improve Your Membership Programme 24th January 2018 | 1 pm GMT To make your Membership Programme a real success, you need to truly understand and engage your members through conversation on media platforms of their choosing. Learn what works best to welcome members and ensure that they both benefit from their […]

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Is it Time to Refresh your Membership?

Membership Engagement Services

Is it Time to Refresh Your Membership and Re-evaluate Your Approach? Members of an organisation are its lifeblood. But what is the perfect member? How many members do you want? Or need? Or can the organisation cope with? Who is your target member(s)? Which members bring the best to the organisation? The list goes on and […]

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Streamline your client communication processes using single supplier outsourcing

Streamline your client communication processes using single supplier outsourcing  We all know that life for a professional working in membership or marketing communications can be hectic and it’s essential to make the best use of your time, to ensure the best results for your clients. One way to achieve this is by working with a […]

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