Data Can Make or Break Your Marketing Campaign


Your marketing data is constantly evolving and changing. Without an in-depth overview of how clean and accurate your lists are. The socio-geographic make up. The individual’s Spending Power. Their Status along with other Big Data insights, you simply cannot make a genuinely strategic marketing decision. According to Office of National Statistics (ONS) Over 500,000 people pass-away every year. 4 million […]

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7 Reasons Not To Update Your Marketing Data

Data cleansing

OK – we had you going there for a minute. Of course we don’t agree with the title of this blog, but here are 7 tongue-in-cheek reasons why some poor fool might choose not to keep their database as the source of their business profit and growth strategy.   1. You have way too many customers […]

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Big Data and Data Quality in Direct Marketing

data management

Big Data and Data Quality in Direct Marketing A survey conducted by TEK systems (as subsidiary of Alegis Group, a talent management firm) found that over 60% of IT leaders lacked good data quality and had issues with data governance. With the increasing production, storage and aggregation of data, the challenges of creating workable and […]

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Enhancing Customer Data Reduces Costs, Risk and Improves ROI

Enhancing customer data reduces costs, risk and improves ROI   Basing your marketing strategy and content on data is a sure fire way to guarantee that your marketing communications resonate with your intended audience. Failure to gather data and then use this as the foundation for all subsequent marketing decisions will mean that much of your […]

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How to grow your consumer brand

From Small Acorns – How to grow your consumer brand In the early days of a start-up business, you are primarily concerned with just staying afloat and getting your idea off the ground. Once that has been achieved, however, thoughts begin to turn to how to grow your consumer brand. According to Forbes the best way […]

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