Data Driven Marketing

By Charlene Plows, Head of Client Services at Romax marketing. Data Driven Marketing Gone are the days, when you had a database of 50,000 consumers to whom you would simply ‘blanket mail’ the same message or offer hoping for interaction. You now need to stand out from the crowd using data driven marketing. Nowadays, with […]

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Data Can Make or Break Your Marketing Campaign


Your marketing data is constantly evolving and changing. Without an in-depth overview of how clean and accurate your lists are. The socio-geographic make up. The individual’s Spending Power. Their Status along with other Big Data insights, you simply cannot make a genuinely strategic marketing decision. According to Office of National Statistics (ONS) Over 500,000 people pass-away every year. 4 million […]

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Big Data and Data Quality in Direct Marketing

data management

Big Data and Data Quality in Direct Marketing A survey conducted by TEK systems (as subsidiary of Alegis Group, a talent management firm) found that over 60% of IT leaders lacked good data quality and had issues with data governance. With the increasing production, storage and aggregation of data, the challenges of creating workable and […]

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Big Data – the opportunities and pitfalls

We all understand we live in the age of “data” – right?   Watches being replaced by activity trackers beaming our latest step count failure via bluetooth to E-commerce sites recording our every move and then bombarding us with the same items on every web page we visit. A recent study concluded that 90% of […]

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