February 28, 2018

Snow Creates Disruption to Postal Services

We all love a bit of snow! The trees look lovely and the sun is shining even though it was -10 degrees centigrade this morning!

The above is a picture of us getting to work this morning – it was quicker than the train!

Unfortunately the UK infrastructure goes into meltdown which as a nation is embarrassing, but to be fair the fairy tale white-outs of old are simply a rarity as we don’t experience snow that often – particularly in the South.

So although as a business we are operating as normal, there will be both collection and delivery interruptions across the postal network, that are beyond our control.

We are continuing to print and fulfil all items as per schedule, but please acknowledge that mail delivery may be disrupted.

If you would like an update, please contact client services on 020 8293 8550. or hello@romax.co.uk Happy Sledging

Robin Sumner is going to be completing the Ice Man Polar Challenge in April – he should be in his element right now! Spare a thought for those homeless at this time the cold is literally a killer, so sponsor Robin and Romax as we support Porchlight a Charity helping the homeless, in the South East.

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