January 19, 2012

Save money at the bar – and no regrets in the morning!

When was the last time the word ‘Bar’ and ‘Money’ were used in the same sentence and you did not have some form of regret the following day?

As communication costs increase there are intelligent ways to save even more money on letter format mailings through Romax, and this is not the beer talking! Reduce Your Postage Costs Through – OCR Optical Character Recognition or CBC Customer Bar Coding.

As a Royal Mail and DSA Accredited site for CBC and OCR, Romax can achieve additional postage savings for you if you allow us to manage your mail campaigns.

CBC provides maximum savings BUT does involve adding a visible bar-code to the mail-piece. This does not always suit certain marketing pieces BUT beware – Royal Mail does add bar-codes to your mail-pieces anyway during the process of sorting. It is much better to adopt the barcode and design your product/envelope design around a machineable mail piece, rather than have your main message potentially obliterated by sorting machine bar-code or label.

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