July 30, 2015

Rugby World Cup 2015 – Marketing to a Mass Market

Rugby World Cup 2015 – Marketing to a Mass Market

Rugby World Cup 2015

With the Rugby world cup just over 2 months away with England playing Fiji in the opening game at Twickenham on 18th September, you may be considering  a marketing campaign associated with the event or trying to reach more affluent followers of Rugby. If so time is running out to ensure that campaign, data and specification is booked ready to go out during the peak times surrounding the start of the tournament, around key England (or home nations) games or the world cup final or any after tournament glow. Should England progress through the tournament, which is likely (we hope) as host nation, then expect a fervour of good will to surround the tournament.

Aligning your brand and communications around this event can help keep your business front of mind. Alignment to sporting events is very relevant for some business sector such as sportswear, men’s wear and retailers however regardless of your business size or sector, a positive brand alignment can help, provided it is relevant of course.

Using direct mail  as part of a wider promotional campaign can help brands personalise experiences. For example, some of the leading retailers are producing print only vouchers that can be redeemed in store or online. This gives retailers a directly attributable way of measuring their return on investment from campaigns that use print as well as online marketing, an ever increasing trend particularly in the retail sector.

While social media and the web will be going ballistic with World Cup related messages, without a clear plan, your marketing messages are likely to be lost in the noise. Direct mail, particular as part of a cross media or OMNI channel communication plan, has plenty of unique benefits primarily by putting a message directly into the hands of consumers – something that a web only approach can’t compete with.

If you want to ensure that you make the most of your marketing around the Rugby world cup in England this year. You simply cannot afford to wait.

To browse the home nations Rugby sites as the excitement builds, click on the relevant flag below:

ST Georges flag Ireland Scotland wales

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