January 15, 2021

Romax supports MemberWise, the leading membership and association professional network

We are pleased to announce that Romax supports MemberWise the Leading Membership and Association Professional Network. MemberWise is dedicated to promoting value and good business practice advice to membership organisations and associations in the UK and overseas.  MemberWise has over 8,500 members who are mainly senior professionals and represent more than 2,600 membership organisations.

Providing full membership management services to numerous membership organisations providing across the UK provides us with the ability to manage on demand requirements for Membership Card print, welcome pack fulfilment, renewal and reminder communications and other membership engagement communications.  

Romax wanted to work with MemberWise as both organisations focus on the best interests of the membership organisations that they work for at heart.

These include helping our clients to:

  • Increase new member recruitment
  • Improve existing member retention
  • Optimise member engagement
  • Enhance member value and growth
  • Develop sustainable and long term growth

MemberWise provides practical help and support for Membership and Association Professionals (at all levels and career stages) to enable them to improve existing member retention, increase new member acquisition, enhance value and optimise member engagement/participation in order to enable sustainable long-term growth.

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