May 22, 2020

Romax Resource Centre update

The Romax Resource Centre has been undergoing an update (due to go live on 28th May) and here is your sneak preview of the improvements.

Being that quite a few of our clients work with the Resource Centre on a daily basis, we have been working really hard with SMXI (our sister company) to roll out a few upgrades. Hopefully this will smooth the workflow and make it easier for our clients to send data securely, check, comment on and approve proofs.

Improved features include:

  • Drag and Drop uploading of multiple files from your file explorer – We really like this feature!
  • When rejecting a file, you can now add formatted text into the comments (bold, italic, highlighted, headline) – no more sending separate emails with highlighted changes!
  • A new ‘step through’ feature lets you cycle though all files to approve and then approve/reject and comment on each file.
  • Filter files to show just files that are awaiting approval.
  • Preview a file to check it’s the right one before downloading it.

Drag and Drop

Now you can drag and drop files into the browser, even lots at a time! This should save everyone lots of time when uploading files to the Resource Centre. We think lots of the Romax team will be very happy with this too!


One great addition is to allow formatted comments to rejected or approved proofs. This allows bold, italic, underline, headline/titles, bullets, numbering and highlighting. Meaning there is less need to send separate explanatory emails while commenting on proofs, hopefully saving you time.

Icons for action

You’ll find these self-explanatory and are easy to navigate so you can see what you need to with just one click. We’re all familiar with icons, social media uses them all the time, they make finding what you need intuitive.

Sneak a peek!

When you click on a file to download, you can sneak a quick peek to ensure it’s the right one by clicking on the filename. This displays the file in a popup so you can check before you download it.

One step approval

No need to download, review and then go back to the portal to enter approval (or reviews for amendment). Now the ‘step through’ button allows you to look at each document, alongside all the relevant information and approve or reject in situ.

SFTP Folders 

We can now create SFTP folders for specific Resource Centre folders if you need to upload things from an automated function. They can even be sent for approval. 

If you have any questions concerning the update of Romax Resource Centre please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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