April 8, 2013

Romax installs new Data Quality Software

Understanding what makes a successful campaign.

94% of businesses feel their contact data is inaccurate in some way*. At Romax we know the importance of data quality and accuracy in direct marketing, which is why we have installed new Cygnus software that will allow us to provide a greater level of data quality.

The Cygnus software will allow us to:

1. Increase accuracy of addresses in client data
2. Increase efficiency in De-duping of data
3. All data is matched against multiple deceased/ goneaway supression lists
4. Tailor reports to the needs of the client
5. Quickly find Postal sortation solutions

Investing in Cygnus has allowed us to improve the overall efficiency of our data management and reporting for clients, for more information on how we can increase return on investment through data management call 0845 644 1892.

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