July 30, 2019

Romax employee Nick Kenyon-Muir became The Ironman!

On Saturday 25th May 2019 one of our colleagues Nick Kenyon-Muir, who is Business Development Manager at Romax, participated in the Ironman Lanzarote, Spain. The Ironman Lanzarote is one of the toughest Ironman events in the World and is one of the longest-standing races in Europe. John Collins, a Naval officer stationed in Hawaii invented The Ironman. On February 18th, 1978, fifteen competitors including Collins came together to take on the first-ever “Hawaiian Iron Man Triathlon”. From then on it went global.

The Ironman Lanzarote consists of a 2.4mile swim at Playa Grande, Puerto del Carmen which is the main tourist resort. It is followed by a 112mile bike course with over 2551m of climbing, along with very strong winds. The final part is a 26.2mile run along the seafront of Puerto des Carmen. An enormous amount of preparation went into this race. It takes months to train for and is by no means considered easy.

Nick finished the race with an astonishing time of 13:12:51 and placed 659th as an overall rank out of thousands.

“I’d say one of the hardest things about training for the ironman was having to get up first thing in the morning and get on my bike in the cold, wind and rain when it’s the last thing you want to be doing.”- Nick Kenyon-Muir

To sum up, we would just like to say a huge congratulations to Nick! It is also an incredible thing to accomplish and we are very proud of you achieving it. Well done Nick!

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