May 22, 2020

Make a confident return to direct mail

In order to help companies to return to using direct mail as a marketing channel, Royal Mail has launched their Open For Business initiative to support businesses during these unprecedented times, and we can help your company to benefit from it.

Although you may not be considering marketing at the moment, 92% of consumers think that advertising should continue, but brands should be focusing on three key things: what they’re doing to help during the pandemic, how they are changing due to the current situation, and ensuring that they’re not carrying out exploitative actions.

Why is direct mail a good marketing channel?

Direct mail is a very powerful marketing tool, as 33% of people will carry out a commercial action after receiving messaging from a company via the post. This could include making a purchase, planning to buy something, or going online for more information. In addition to this, you can be confident that your mailing will be seen by those you send it to as direct mail receives exceptionally high engagement rates, and this is true across all sectors.

Perhaps now more than ever, providing your customers with critical information is key, as it’s important that you let them know how your company has changed and the ways in which you’re supporting the local community. You can even reward loyal customers with coupons that can be used either now or when things return to normal, which will send them the message that they’re still very important to you.

How can the direct mail initiative help my business?

The new ‘Open For Business’ initiative enables companies to send out mailings and receive a discount via postage credits. These credits can be redeemed against any future mailings in the following 12 months, saving your business money. The initiative has been put into place in order to help companies during these difficult times, and to assist them in effectively reaching their customers. As with all of our services, we can ensure that your business uses this initiative in the most efficient and effective way.

Which mailings are supported by the initiative?

There are a number of mailings that can be accepted under the Open For Business initiative, and we can help you to determine the messaging that’s right for you. Possible options include retailers who want to promote online sales as their stores have had to close, charities looking to raise funds, magazine publishers promoting subscription services, mailings supporting health and wellbeing, and mailings from the ‘away from home’, travel, and leisure sectors looking to increase sales. Mailings can also be sent by companies in any sector if they are replacing a channel that can no longer be used due to closures, or if they promote a ‘we’ll be back soon’ type of message.

How can I access this initiative?

If you’re looking for a way to successfully return to using direct mail, this initiative offers the perfect way to do this. Simply contact us to discuss your mailing plans, and we can get you set up and ready to receive those all important mailing credits. Plus, we’ll ensure that this fits in seamlessly with your ongoing customer communications.

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