October 7, 2015

Retail Marketing and Ad Mail together in Perfect Harmony

Retail Marketing and Ad Mail together in Perfect Harmony


After a long period of consultation Royal Mail and Royal Mail Wholesale have responded to the predominantly retail catalogue industry and are introducing a trial for Tiered Weight Ad Mail for Retail Catalogue Producers.

What does this mean?


Prior to this trial, because of weight restrictions in postal bands, retail and catalogue producing marketing departments would struggle to ‘fit’ all of their products into a catalogue often having to omit or ‘choose’ between one product and another to be promoted in the catalogue. This or they would have to compromise on the quality of the print reducing the paper stock weight (and therefore damaging the brand in terms of quality perception) as a result of the postal weight brackets set out by Royal Mail.

What are the new criteria?


As in all things there are criteria for this, the job must be sent via Ad Mail, it must be a catalogue or brochure advertising a range of products or criteria and not have editorial content. Previously a letter format for catalogues ‘topped out’ at 100g, and the next weight band ran from 101 to 250g, at a large price incremental. The new service being trialled will have incremental weight bands of 10g between 101 and 150g, so a catalogue can now be extended without having to pay the large postal differential, instead paying a small incremental postal amount for the reduced tier.

Trial Period

trial period

The trial period for this runs from January 2016 to March 2017. Pricing is yet to be fully finalised but it will be a much more cost effective way of increasing your impact without having to pay massive additional print or postage costs. It is refreshing that Royal Mail have listened to the industry and produced a client focussed product that will in our opinion benefit many clients.

If you want a broader understanding, please read the attached or contact Romax to see how we can assist you in accessing this trial.

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