March 20, 2015

Remove the Barriers to Communication

Remove the Barriers to Communication – Let customers interact with their mail.

Direct mail can be a highly effective tool in advertising: it allows you to connect with both your existing and potential customers in a personalised, meaningful way. However, one perceived disadvantage of this form of advertising is that it can’t be used to generate measurable results. But is this really the case? Thanks to QR codes, the answer is a resounding ‘no’! By incorporating QR codes into their promotional materials, businesses can encourage viewers onto the web, thus capturing statistics such as web-page traffic and on-page user activity.

Bridging the gap between the offline and online worlds in order obtain measurable data is impressive, but it’s not the only thing QR codes can be used for. Direct mail is already a powerful tool for getting readers to sign up to a service or website or even to place an order. QR codes make it much easier for them to do so: rather than having to find the company’s website based on their promotional material, a prospective customer can simply scan a QR code and be taken straight to the sign up page or orders page. The immediate convenience of QR software can drastically increase the uptake of products or services when used in conjunction with effective advertising.

Nor is direct mail the only form of advertisement to benefit from these codes: they can be used in conjunction with any form of physical advertising to direct viewers onto the web. One shopping mall in Singapore – the VivoCity mall – hired mascots dressed as shopping bags with QR codes emblazoned on the front to run around their mall. When curious shoppers snapped the QR codes, they were taken to a promotional web page where they had the chance to win real-world prizes, thus netting the business valuable data and creating a fun promotional activity for customers.

Every day, businesses come up with new ways to make use of QR codes. By combining them with the power of direct mail advertising, your business can get ahead of the curve and take advantage of this exciting new trend as its taking off!

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