June 7, 2011

Fundraising In a Tough Market

Faced with a reduction in funding but the need to maintain services, the Civil Service Retirement Fellowship (CSRF) approached Romax to discuss a fundraising mailing. Having historically used Romax for member communications, print and storage, the CSRF, having never undertaken a fundraising mailing before, were understandably concerned about investing a considerable amount of money into a DM campaign.

Following discussions, and the presentation of various options by Romax, they took the decision to send their first Donation Appeal mailing 0n 31 March 2011 through Romax, mailing to just under 37,ooo members, using Romax’s seamless print, fulfilment and mailing services to produce the mail piece.

By 14th April 2011, they had raised over £30,000 in donations and were receiving more and more cheque’s each day!

By 1st June 2011, they had raised over £65,600 in donations over 5 times the investment in the initial mailing, and are now planning a second mailing before Christmas and they assure us that Romax will be their first choice supplier!

Yet again proof that DM works!!


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