January 15, 2016

Publicus is here!

Romax has been at the forefront of marketing communications since its inception in 1997. During this time, our sector has seen a number of disrupters from the evolution of digital print and the advent of social media.

The global spread of smartphones has prompted a rapid evolution in how people read and consume content and raised further their expectations of ease of use and service. Few publishing or marketing channels remain untouched by this digital tsunami.

By the end of 2015, 2.5 billion people worldwide will own a smartphone, and in an average day will check it 150 times and spend 82 minutes gazing at a tiny screen.

The easy availability of information in a few thumb swipes encourages a degree of laziness among readers. So publishers and marketers must make their mobile content browsable and snackable.  A miniaturised version of a website won’t cut it on a 5” screen: you need to develop a dedicated smartphone app and web edition that delivers the good stuff simply and with built-in multi-media such as video……

Video grabs attention away from pure text – on websites, digital publications, marketing collateral and apps – especially for the under 35s. So all publishers and marketers have to learn how to create enticing video or at the very least audio, within their online collateral.

The digital space is particularly good at one thing and which is a big advantage of direct mail – analytics. Data is the new oil, something I have alluded to in a previous post, so to be able to track in infinite detail potential customer habits either through an app or a web edition of your collateral can provide insights into behaviour, track your best performing offers or most interesting services.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself” – Peter Drucker

Publicus blog

This is why we are proud to unveil, publicus, our brand new digital publishing platform built with the modern publisher and marketer in mind. Publicus allows us to take an ordinary pdf file and create a beautiful, fluid web edition and simultaneously convert to HTML5 and display in apps within the online stores of Apple, Google and Amazon. All managed by the Romax team here in London.

This all comes with the ability to display multimedia content, can be subscription based and fully trackable using our in-built dashboard. For some clients, the ability to “sell” space to third party advertisers, with banner adverts on both the web and app editions, could also enable the campaign to become self-funding.

We are super excited that this is now available to our clients so please get in contact to see how we can get you moving in the digital space.

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