November 4, 2014

The Humble White Envelope? Should You Use Printed Envelopes

The Humble White Envelope? Should You Use Printed Envelopes?

Direct-mail print marketing is one of the most widely practised and successful methods adopted by organisations to advertise themselves to a large volume of consumers. Proven to be a powerful method of driving sales, marketing experts have developed some ingenious and artfully deceptive methods to guarantee their mail gets opened, and not get thrown straight in the recycle bin using a printed envelope is just one of way to gain attention.

Believe it or not, it all begins with the outer packaging/envelope. An immediate judgement is made by the recipient – is this letter worth opening? In general, public mentality dictates that if it looks like (and I do not like this phrase) ‘junk’ mail, it will be discarded unopened and unread, the recipient uninterested from the very first impression. The instant a potential consumer picks up the envelope containing marketing literature, the first barrier is to convince the consumer that what is inside is worth their time, a scarce commodity these days.

As consumers, we have become accustomed to the tell-tale signs of promotional mail, and recognise immediately content heavy envelopes featuring ‘teaser’ copy as food for the recycling bin. However, in current times when competition is rife, marketers are challenged to come up with more innovative methods of gaining consumer attention. Do you opt for a Teaser Strap Line, A Full-Colour Attention Grabbing Outer, or the more subtle approach? One size, of course, does not fit all of course, and it depends on the data, is this a happy involved client who likes /wants your offer, or is this a ‘cold’ lead that needs their interest piqued?

Enter the humble white envelope, personally addressed at the foot of your front door. This unobtrusive letter has a sense of modesty that begs to be read, simply for the reason that the sender and contents are unknown. Artfully deceptive, the ‘blind’ envelope rather than the printed envelope, means that the recipient has little choice but to open it, as the contents could be of great importance. Very shrewd  – inverse psychology perhaps?

The trick, it seems, is to intrigue the consumer, spark enough curiosity to get past the initial obstacle, gaining not only their attention but also gaining a step ahead of the competition who may well have gone straight in the recycle bin. Of course, the only way to know the best course is to test multiple cell options before going ahead with your large marketing roll out.

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