December 11, 2014

Postage Price Increase

Royal Mail

Postage Price Increase – January 2015

As previously reported in a previous blog on postage increases being brought forward to January rather than the historical April increase, Royal Mail have now released their new pricing structure for the New Year.

In Summary:

  • Advertising Mail will increase on average by 2.5%
  • Business Mail will increase on average by 3.2%
  • Publishing Mail will increase on average by 3.2%

Romax have now received wholesale pricing through our Downstream Access postage suppliers and we are now entering the figures into our summary matrix to calculate the best price and the best supplier for each service.

For an overview of pricing visit Royal Mail

Romax offer a full range of postage services and provide clients with the most cost effective route to market for Direct Mail accessing End to End suppliers, for B2B and B2C postal requirements.

Romax have invested in Mail Mark (the cheapest route to market for postal services) and as an early adopter have the facility to commence Mail Mark mailings from January 2015. Utilising a 2D barcode generated by the data, this Mail Mark, acts as an information ‘holder’ for sorting the outbound post, tracking the postal item to delivery and for creating reports for clients to review fall to earth drop dates amongst other useful tools.

For further information on Mail Mark see the video here.

To find out how we can save you postage costs and take full advantage of Mail Mark and our other discounted mail services and direct mail marketing, please contact us, please email: or call 020 8293 8550

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