July 14, 2014

Personalised Mail Delivers the Most Powerful ROI

Messaging and personalised mail delivers the most powerful ROI

While forms of digital marketing such as social media, outreach publicity and email newsletters have taken centre-stage in advertising and publicity campaigns, it has been proven that the personalised approach of direct mail has a resonating effect on consumers. What matters are the foundational messages in the marketing approach, or behind the brand, more so, than the ad creative or technique used reach those customers.

Despite many companies jumping on board with the latest digital marketing fads, direct marketing company Romax Marketing urge people to remember that traditional methods are still key. They argue that direct mail marketing should not be overlooked as a valuable asset to the operations of B2B and B2C marketers in producing effective blended campaigns that can greatly increase the potential for return on investment. A market study has shown that 79% of UK adults react to direct mail immediately and 48% have acted in response to direct mail marketing in the last 12 months, with 30% making an actual purchase. Additionally, direct mail materials have been proven as having a longer lifespan than digital materials, as consumers are much more likely to hold on to physical mail. Two-thirds of UK consumers keep their physical mail.

A Romax company spokesperson explained: ‘As these figures show, direct mail marketing can have a tremendous effect on customers. If you’re looking to get the best ROI and ensure that customers are actively engaging with your company the way you want them to, the effects of such direct marketing cannot be ignored.’ The high rate of response that direct mail elicits from consumers is largely due to its capacity to be directly relevant to the recipient.

The three key reasons consumers are likely to react to direct mail are:

  1. recognition of previously known brands
  2. the materials being personally addressed
  3. mail regarding products or services of specific interest to the recipient

Marketers should also get creative with their packaging, say Romax. The more eye-catching and tactile the direct mail, the higher the potential for returns. Oversized dimensional mail with flashy graphics and company logos is proven to be more effective in attracting consumers’ attention and influencing purchasing behaviour. Research from Baylor University found that dimensional mail holds 20 times the penetration of flat direct mail, and can boost market demand by up to 75% compared with plain, smaller format mail.

Blended campaigns that incorporate both the most up-to-date digital frameworks and proven traditional formulas such as direct mail are the most likely to succeed in sustaining consumer interest. Romax offers a cost-effective, transparent and timely approach to producing engaging materials whatever the campaign may be. With quick turnaround time and experienced account managers, direct mail campaigns can be specially tailored to intimately engage with key market segments and deliver success.

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