December 17, 2019

Make your customers feel unique with personalised handwritten notes

No one can deny that the digital age has given us many benefits and opportunities, but with how easy and accessible the digital sphere can be, sometimes it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. With an infinite amount of businesses trying to reach out with convenient but cold emails, customers are beginning to miss the time when they were treated as valuable and respected members of a community. We understand how important it is to connect with your members, which is why we are partnering up with handwriting companies that help us to prepare personalised handwritten campaigns for you. We team up with the experts in the field who understand just how powerful a handwritten note or letter can be.

Keeping customer loyalty

Handwritten marketing has been proven to be more effective than both email and traditional direct mail marketing time and time again. People want to feel connected to the companies with which they do business, and particularly those that subscribe to a membership should feel like they are getting something in return for their loyalty. So why is it that so few businesses bother to go the extra mile for their customers? Therefore, a physical, personalised handwritten letter can make a world of difference. Those who have used handwritten messages in the past have seen massive boosts in their engagement rates. Developing meaningful relationships with your clients through regular handwritten correspondence can help nurture long-term customer loyalty.

Cost-effective handwritten communication

With seamless integrations, we can fully automate the process of writing and delivering handwritten notes, making it as easy as sending an email but with all the benefits of the personal touch. Using AI technology allows us to provide you with the most cost-effective option on the market. There are plenty of handwriting styles to choose from, or if you want to make your notes extra personal, you can even have them learn your own handwriting! Imagine that: hundreds of birthday cards written by your company’s CEO, without them having to put in those valuable hours!

Give your customers a little extra

We believe your customers deserve that little something extra. Make them feel special by sending anything from heartfelt thank you letters, to personal offers showcasing your latest customer recommendation. If you want to increase your lead generation, boost customer engagement levels, or simply reward your customers for sticking by you, then try sending custom handwritten notes with us.

Our team is highly knowledgeable in data-driven customer communications. In fact, we have been building strong connections for our clients since 1997. Contact us today on or 020 8293 8550 to get assistance with handwritten or any other types of customer communications.

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