January 19, 2015

Pay peanuts – get monkeys! No more monkey business for Direct Mail Marketing!

Pay peanuts – get monkeys! No more monkey business for Direct Mail Marketing!


Would you put your brand’s future in the hands of monkeys?

Direct mail marketing is enjoying a resurgence as advertisers realise the power of this channel. The increase in postage rates has been no barrier to this within the sector with greater effectiveness in response for those advertisers that continue investing in the medium. With a roughly 30% increase in responses relative to email only, direct mail remains one of the most solidly established methods of acquiring new clients.

The proven success of direct mail, and the continued investment in it by marketing professionals and advertising agencies on behalf of their clients, demonstrates the power of tangible marketing in a virtual world of noise. Physical and tangible marketing remains in the memory longer, increases emotion and promotes positive brand association.

Advertisers need a direct mail partner that they can trust to deliver. Romax’s years of experience, and preferred partner status to some of the biggest advertisers in the UK, alongside its data management services means that they are a partner heavily relied upon to deliver quality, targeted and effective printed direct mail campaigns.

Romax’s data management services, ensure that advertisers placing orders will receive a top and tail review of their data which will highlight any risks with potential effectiveness of a data driven print campaign. Romax excel when they are leveraged for its quality control and enhanced services which is best demonstrated by the higher ROI enjoyed by its partners and clients.

Direct mail is most effective when the messaging is aligned with target audiences. When you are marketing a product or service, there are a few things that you are going to want to convey to your potential customers or clients. Mostly utility – a proven ability to do what it says it can, value for money and the correct positioning to drive its performance in the market.

Brand perception is all-important and if you use cheap methods or suppliers you could be placing your brand and/or company at risk, not to mention the limiting effectiveness of your direct response goals, because potential customers are not going to see that your brand is worthy of a part of their wallet.

Your direct mail supplier is an essential partner in delivering your advertising goals. Do not take risks with your future. Employ a partner that has well-defined business processes, quality controls and the right type of technology and people to ensure that campaigns go out on time and to the required standard every time.

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