January 12, 2022

ooomail – hybrid cloud mailing with ooomph

Outsourced virtual postroom services – Printed hybrid mail roduction – uploaded from any location

Outsourced cloud-based mail prodution uploaded from any location

We can all work better without interruption when working on proposals or planned projects, so anywhere quiet be it home, garden, park or beach, works as long as you have connectivity. When it comes to marketing communications, legal or general business correspondence, then you still need to send physical mail.

This is where an outsourced mail production service – a virtual print and postroom – such as ooomail provides the perfect solution. Convenient, easy to access and more cost effective, you can send postcards, invitataions or multipage letters from your desktop.

Send one letter or thousands – our software allows you to upload, proof and merge data for sameday despatch (subject to upload time) via 1st or 2nd class post.

Outsourced mail

Outsourced Mail Production – ooomail – on the beach!

Send your communication virtually from anywhere (see what we did there!) All you need is your laptop + copy+ internet connectivity and you can post mail from anywhere in the world (Beach Optional!)

All mail printed by ooomail is carbon offset through our World Land Trust carbon balanced process so your own businesses sustainability credentials will be met – all part of the service!

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