April 25, 2021

Membership communication on demand

When your new or returning member subscribes, what are their expectations around their welcome pack and onboarding customer journey?

The first step to a great membership scheme is a proactive and prompt welcome. This is where membership communication on demand comes to the fore.

Join today – expect pack promptly

Your new member has taken the main step and subscribed to your organisation. Fantastic News! Prompt recognition and engagement reflected in a considered and flexible ‘customer communication journey’ will not only confirm with your new member that they have made the right choice, but also acts as a key up-sell opportunity for increased engagement and spend.

Automated and secure data access

Many membership organisations find the complexity of collating data, processing and printing a welcome pack an arduous task. A necessary but time consuming process. For many the despatch of a new member pack is managed on a weekly/fortnightly or even monthly basis. Your new member may have to wait up to a month after paying their subs, before they receive their welcome pack. In a time where most things are available next day or same day, there is no longer any reason for membership packs to be batched.

Next working day pack despatch

Offering a comprehensive next day despatch, technology-based process that allows for daily member subscribers to be processed with a personalised membership welcome pack containing additional pack collateral – all on demand. No storage of stock, cards, letter heads, envelopes. Romax has innovated with a rapid membership on demand service that will only make your organisation look both proactive, efficient and engaged to your members.

We recognise that you will have peaks and troughs in your membership cycle, so we agree set pack prices based on your annual membership requirements – no penalty surcharge for sending just one pack – you pay the same rate based on your annual volume.

Virtual packs and cards – add value to membership

A tangible pack reflects positively on your organisation, it promotes value and gives your new member something in return for their membership. What else can make the difference? Progressive organisations are adapting a multi-level customer journey for their members that takes into account technology and ease of use combined with those tangible values.

A physical pack and card for life or eco card may still be included, but wouldn’t it be an added benefit to also send your member a virtual card that can be added to a mobile phone wallet for ease of access or entry, less to carry around on a day to day basis.

Technology transition period for members’ needs

Virtual e-collateral is not for everyone, we are in a transition period between those members needing the physical content for assurance, security and to demonstrate trust and perceived value, and those happy to receive only electronic collateral. Personal preference is key to retention and choice.

You can tier pack content based on membership levels and contribution levels, and this can also drive choices, but you should not overtly penalise members for wanting to receive a physical product.

Membership communication on demand

Clearly member choice can lead to complexity. For an overstretched membership and marketing team with a budget. How do you manage the link between member preferences? The cost of providing choice and the management of product whilst remaining on brand?

Communication companies that provide data driven communication that can link websites seamlessly with welcome communications using both electronic and physical. That offer a hybrid communication product that provides choice for your member. A service supplied on demand only producing output (electronic or physical) when needed is the answer.

Membership Communication On Demand Means:

  • lower costs
  • lower environmental impact
  • Increased copy content flexibility – a more personalised member experience
  • Reduction in stock and storage costs
  • Improved cash flow – you only produce the product when your member subscribes.

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