June 19, 2014

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s OMNI Channel

Romax – The Future is OMNI Channel

Linear marketing and purchasing is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. When customers enter a store today they are usually already informed about products through other channels, such as direct mail or the internet. Additionally, while in store they may be browsing elsewhere simultaneously using mobile apps, checking pricing and reviews online. Today’s customer is more sophisticated and more informed than ever before, and businesses need to match this with sophisticated and informed marketing strategies. Marketing can no longer be split into discrete channels. In our digital age, all channels need to be harmonised to deliver consistent aligned messages. This is OMNI channel marketing.

Where does direct mail fit into all of this? As new marketing channels emerge, others don’t disappear. Instead they work side by side to inform and influence the customer in a multi faceted approach. Digital marketing doesn’t just deliver online purchases, but also sends customers into bricks and mortar locations. Similarly direct mail marketing continues to drive sales, both online and in store, provided the message is relevant and personal. A recent Royal Mail study revealed, perhaps surprisingly, that those most likely to open and read direct mail are in the 18-24 age bracket.

One example of a successful omni channel campaign would be a direct mail leaflet with a QR code. The customer seamlessly moves from offline to online by reading the leaflet then scanning the code to read more via a mobile app. Having been informed, the customer then visits a high street store or restaurant and completes the cycle.

London based marketing services company Romax has many years experience of providing direct mail and print, and more recently cross media services to a large client base including several blue chip organisations. Founder, Robin Sumner describes how things are changing, “Individual marketing channels can no longer function in isolation. Cross media marketing is the way forward, with all channels working as one to deliver a consistent marketing and purchasing experience to the customer.”


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