March 27, 2012

Olympics 2012 – Plan Ahead

By Kam Dhesi – Human Resource Manager, Romax

With the 2012 London Olympics fast approaching, all stakeholders should start pre-planning and thinking about their journey to and from Romax during the 4 weeks of events.

No doubt an increase in traffic will be inevitable especially during the first 2 weeks, from 27th July to 12th August, which should calm down by the start of the Para-Olympics on 29th August 2012 to 9th September 2012.

Visit the Transport For London (TFL) presentation a link provided by TFL.

These points can be used as a guide, but l do recommend that you read the document too. It shows vital information regards to various surrounding areas, benefiting staff, visitors and suppliers alike depending on where you travel to or from.

Points at a glance:

•Olympic Games start on the 27th July to the 12th August 2012
•Para- Olympic Games start from the 29th Aug to 9th September 2012
•The ORN is the Olympic Route Network, this is the main routes the athletes and officials will be using to get to and from the venues
•Any vehicle can use the ORN
•The ORN equates to 1% of the London road network
•0.3% of the above will be used as games lanes (for officials and athletes only), but only where there are 2 or more lanes available
•The A2, Woolwich and Trafalgar Road are part of the ORN and alternative ORN
•Planned road works from March 2012 will be banned on the ORN
•Planned tube works will be suspended throughout the games
•200 extra buses will be in operation throughout the games
•Extended hours for trains, tubes and buses, esp. Jubilee Line
•With our shift patterns, and opening times 8am to 8pm we can avoid the busiest times
•Mornings are predicted to be busier than normal, but from 4.30pm onwards, there could be up to an extra 30 minutes or more waiting time on tubes, esp. Jubilee Line
•Event times are from 10.30am through to the late evenings
•70% of road journeys in London will be unaffected
•65% of tube stations will be unaffected
•Road traffic reduces by 10% during the summer holidays and 20% during any major UK event
•Allowing extra time and pre-planning your journey should diminish any lateness

Please plan ahead so your travel to and from Romax does not suffer during this time. We should be able to resume work as normal as possible during this busy period with only a minimum amount of disruption.

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