June 4, 2020

Three Ways You Can Make Your Direct Mail Campaign More Sustainable

Today’s consumers make conscious choices about their purchases, especially when sustainability is concerned. Shoppers are inclined to support businesses that follow green practices and produce items with minimal carbon footprint. Eco-friendly businesses will capture the elusive green shoppers.

Additionally, sustainability is not just a matter of profit — it’s about doing your part in protecting the environment. They may seem insignificant, but all the little adjustments your company does will add up to a significant contribution to preserving and maximising our resources. In fact, there’s a huge room for improvement in your direct mail marketing procedures you can do to jumpstart your sustainability goals.

Clean Your Database

Clean data is important in saving your resources. In fact, it can dictate the success of your direct mail campaign.

At first, it may seem effective to simply send word to as many people as possible, to get as many responses as possible. However, sending direct mail to customers who neither need your products nor take any interest will waste your time, energy, and resources, which you could have directed to other customers who could’ve purchased.

This principle stands in sustainability. By cutting down your database, you reduce the physical volume of mail. This means fewer people will throw out your marketing materials, and less waste is headed for the landfills.

Design Smarter

How you design your mail pieces not only affects the response you may receive; but it also influences how you maximise your materials.

After all, it’s the message that matters. Work with your designers, and review areas that can be downsized. You can, for instance, experiment with a smaller typeface and shorter paragraphs. Perhaps there is a way to retain the message even if you cut corners with the text and the graphics. This can save page upon page of unnecessary and redundant information. Assess if you can also reduce the inserts to further curtail wastage.

You can also opt for recycled or recyclable materials for your direct mail marketing materials. Make sure to indicate that it’s recyclable. This way, you empower your recipients to dispose of your mail properly.

Choose Sustainable Partners

Green practices should not stop at your door—it’s important to partner with mailers that also uphold sustainability. Else, your efforts and mindful use of resources will go to waste.

Romax prides ourselves on our sustainability efforts. We’re ISO 14001 accredited, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Our green policies cover everything that we do.

  • Energy Sources – Our team uses electricity from renewable sources whenever possible. Our facility also has a charge point for electric vehicles.
  • Reforestation Efforts – We purchase land in the UK to plant more trees.
  • Carbon-Balanced Printer – This refers not only to the materials we use, but also our manufacturing process. Our team will provide you with a Carbon-Balanced Publication logo that you can print on your work. This informs your customers that you have chosen a sustainable partner.

As part of our bid for sustainability, Romax helps our partners uphold green practices. If you’re interested in improving your direct mail marketing processes, get in touch with us today.

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