November 12, 2014

Membership Card Printing – Do Membership Cards Work?

How Can Membership Cards Work?

While loyalty cards are common for businesses such as grocery stores and gyms, they can also be applied to virtually any organisation that offers a service or benefit. These are particularly important in paid membership as the member expects to receive quality communication and the quality of the card and presentation reflects your organisation as a whole.

The benefits of offering a membership are many, with most of them psychological as a means to keep your organisation in the mind of your consumer. (It is vital that Members are seen as ‘consumers’ of your ‘product’).

– Most consumers who participate in a membership program are more likely to use that service and feel more engaged.
– Offering your Members certain ‘Member-only’ benefits for free (or inclusive of cost) after so many visits is a reward tactic many consumers love.
– Offering a discount on items within your organisation for loyal members is another valid tactic.
– Extended Membership programs allow you to compete against rival organisations more effectively.
– Gift cards introduce new members to your organisation, and provide a long-term value to the recipient.

Continued Investment in Membership Card Printing Equipment following further contract wins ensure that Romax clients receive the very best in quality and service.

Romax supplies plastic membership cards and the personalisation of those plastic cards for many clients that require membership communication. Clients range from NHS Trusts, Societies and Arts and Culture Organisations including Surrey and Boarders Partnership Foundation Trust, Southbank Centre, V&A and the Society of Operations Engineers.

The Zebra ZXP Series 7 printer has an innovative design, and our latest investment to enhance our current card printing capabilities automatically adjusts to the thickness of the card, and ribbon loading is easy with colour coded guides and a clear LCD control. The printer also allows us to code integral microchips, magnetic strips and print in exceptionally high definition colour on both sides of the card.

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