June 11, 2019

Malcolm is joining Snowdonia Challenge

This summer Romax employees will be participating in the Snowdonia challenge. This involves walking 100 km in 3 days.  Each of our employees shared how they are preparing for the challenge and what they find the most difficult. Here Malcolm shares his thoughts about the Snowdonia challenge.

Who are you, how long have you worked for Romax, and what does your job entail?

My name is Malcolm Saunders, I have been at Romax for four years. My job title is Document Setting and Print Operative, and my job responsibilities include Typesetting, Artworking, Design and Digital Printing.

What made you volunteer for the Snowdonia Challenge 2019?

Romax have done quite a bit of work for the Porchlight Charity, and I have read a lot about the hard and essential work they do, and this made me want to do something to help them.

How would you describe your current fitness levels?

I ran the London Marathon two years ago and am currently cycling into and home from work most days during the week, each day entailing a 30km return trip. So, I do consider myself as above average fitness level.

How are you preparing for the challenge?

As mentioned above, I’m cycling 30kms most weekdays, and I also have a seven-year-old Son, so this also keeps me pretty fit!!!

Have you ever taken part in any physical challenges before?

I have run the London Marathon, and many half Marathons too. Obviously, the full London Marathon was a challenge, but I trained well, and the day was very enjoyable!

Do you have any concerns/fears facing the 100kms in 3 days challenge?

My only concern that I under-estimate the challenge of walking this long distance three days on the trot, especially considering myself to be pretty fit!

Do you have any plans to help you get through the challenge?

I’m sure the landscape is going to be pretty breath-taking, which is always going to help. And I’ll be taking my earphones – with my Music subscription!

Is there going to be a luxury/personal item you will be taking with you?

My luxury item will be my earphones I suppose, and earplugs to make sure I sleep well!

What do you think will help the most you to complete this challenge?

I’m sure the team from Romax will be fun to walk with, possibly get to know a bit better spending so much time together, this will be important, I think.

What is your favourite sports activity?

I love football, Liverpool being my team, and I’m also an avid Formula One fan…hold on…there’s a race that weekend…DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you wish to support Malcolm’s walking challenge and help Porchlight to continue their fantastic work, please visit his fundraising page to donate: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/MalcolmSaunders5

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