March 24, 2020

Let’s make your customer communication personal!

When you have a business with lots of different customers – or several different groups of people you communicate with, a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t effective. People respond much better when your communication is specific to them and their needs.

This may sound like something only huge organisations can afford, but actually it’s accessible for smaller companies too.

Creating personalised automated communications involves three elements:

  1. A design or a template for the mailing
  2. A set of data with the information for each recipient
  3. The software that processes the data using a set of rules

At Romax we use a software called Quadient Inspire (we just call it Inspire!) to set up the rules that can do all kinds of things, such as:

  • Personalise the salutation – so it says Dear Chris, rather than Dear Customer.
  • Add customer-specific information in either the body of a letter – such as the last purchase or current statement amount
  • Create customer-specific vouchers or offers based on that customer’s buying patterns.

This is just a very small sample of the possibilities.

If you are a membership organisation you may have many different member profiles. You may have single members, couples and family memberships. Some may be day members, some pay a monthly subscription, others buy an annual membership.

Some organisations have 30 or 40 different profiles – and different communications can be created for each of these, simply by using data-focused rules that drive variable content.

Then it’s all automated.

What does this do for our clients?

Our system has lots of firepowers, but is agile, flexible and works for organisations of any size. It’s not confined to mail that is posted. It also manages multi-media, web, email and SMS. It is a true service that provides managed Integrated Customer Communication.

  • You can send automated daily/weekly/monthly feeds and, simply by uploading the latest data, personalised communications can be created and sent out at the click of a button (or two).

Example: Car manufacturer use our system for their after-sales communications, to remind customers of service & MOT dates. Weekly communications go out by postcard, email or text, on time and without them having to do anything further once that customer is in the system.

  • You can set up rules so that if a customer disengages to move to another supplier, an automated mailout goes to them right away.
  • The system can create documents on demand, so, if someone purchases a product, such as an insurance policy, they’ll get an immediate email with their personalised documentation included as a pdf followed by physical documents.
  • If someone joins your organisation as a member, the relevant membership information can go out the same day – personalised to that specific member profile.

Example:  The V&A has 30-40 marketing profiles – and this system has reduced their lead time by about a week.

  • If you’re a smaller organisation, your responses can be faster with a more flexible approach to impress your customers.
  • You can access your look-up table of profiles and change the message in individual profile – and this can then go out right away.
  • You can have your mail tracked to anywhere in the world, if necessary.

Example: A pension fund needed to send out annual statements with nearly three dozen different customer profiles. These used to be programmed in-house – now they simply send their data and we set up everything, saving them weeks and weeks of work.

Is your organisation missing opportunities? Why don’t you give us a call on 020 8293 8550?

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