April 13, 2015

You Little Devil – Direct Mail

Are you a little devil or a sharing Angel?

Great success and a fantastic response was seen from our latest customer cross media communication this last week with the sharing of 6 naughty little treats sent out via direct mail to our clients; both thanking them for being great clients and to demonstrate how a truly personalised mailer builds online feedback and increases brand interaction.

Messages were directed to the recipients based on their gender, with female recipients receiving a message more attuned to their gender and vice versa for male recipients.

Femaleback  male

To share or not? There were more reported Angels, unsurprisingly, but the online activity, increase in client communication and retention of information from clients showed how successful this can be.

Bunnies 5Bunny pack

Creating a QR code to drive the recipient to a Romax web landing page that showed them what was inside the received pack prior to them opening it, allowed them the opportunity to ‘decide’ whether to open the pack in the office (and risk sharing the goodies) or sneaking it home in their bag to consume alone!

Tweeting #romaxbunnynotshared or#romaxbunnyshared provided an online running tally of recipients for a bit of fun and further interaction.

Direct Marketing needs to engage clients and get them thinking positively about you and further engaging with you as a result. Fundamentally we practice what we preach, mainly demonstrating how personalised direct marketing whether electronic, printed or as part of a cross media campaign does greatly enhance retention and brand recognition. A good message and a little thank you goes a long way.

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