April 24, 2015

Leveraging your Marketing Partners for Success

Leveraging your marketing partners for success – Time to ‘check-in’ more often.

In many areas of life, you are expected to work through a standard, proven process, for example when checking in at an airport. It’s often a clear and sensible way to work, yet if you were to apply the theory to a business situation, how often does it simply not happen that way?

Take a single company who supplies your business in one area and consider the relationship that could be developed from this. Do you take time to check-in with them and find out what is happening in their field of business and then consider how such advances could offer valuable help in a step forward for your own organisation? A development in one area might be used as is, or could easily form the germ of an idea that could be of value in a slightly different context.

Understanding the key changes in their working environment, and being regularly updated on news and other developments within their field of influence, is an exercise well worth undertaking. It may even be time for a comprehensive review of your business and the services offered to it. Many companies and organisations still tend to operate on a default setting of “this is what we’ve always done and it’s worked pretty well in the past”. Others mistake the process of a review as a need to change everything. The truth surely lies comfortably between these two extremes.

Working to both engage with your marketing partners as key suppliers, and then to operate in tandem with them, can bring a new and more open attitude to the relationship. As with a tandem bicycle, you can then work in partnership to create a combination that operates more effectively, when both using and focusing all the available strengths. As a prime example, your direct mail provider can offer the expected range of such services. However, through their marketing knowledge, and a wide range of skills and know-how, added to the expertise they have gained in many business areas, you could well leverage a greater advantage from the partnership you already have with them simply by taking the time to appreciate everything they could bring to your business’ table.

Azim Premji, head of global multinational Wipro, expressed the point clearly when he said: “The important thing about outsourcing… is that it becomes a very powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity and reduce work cycles”. It’s worth taking his words and then building them into the ethos of your business.


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