June 12, 2015

Retailers – Is High Street Shopping Dead?

Do you think High Street Shopping is Dead?

75% of all purchases are still made on the high street. It remains the home of retail purchasing, so why not invest in Retail Marketing?

In a recent article published in Marketing Week, figures suggest that almost 25% of all commerce is online. That is quite a big number, but it also shows that despite all the hype, three-quarters of all spending is still done through physical outlets, which gives some of us marketing oldies a bit of reassurance.

Send them GOOD STUFF to incentivise their return.

A recent retailer promotions survey by Rapid Campaign called ‘The Brands we Love v the Brands we Buy’, details how 60% of adults change their shopping habits based on the receipt of promotions. Whether you have a purely online retail presence, solely retail outlet or a combination of both, there are clear advantages gained by driving the client to their nearest retail outlet or online. Clever data usage and the right supplier can use your clients’ purchase data information, to target a marketing campaign that drives business to your client’s nearest geographical store, or online dependent on the location of the client and/or their purchase history.

Marketscan recently published a report that shocks but unfortunately does not surprise us. The report suggested that despite the widespread acknowledgement of the importance of data analysis in a modern, focused marketing campaign, that 70% of marketers admitted that they were not getting the most out of their data, 50% said they used data sometimes and 13% said they relied on experience rather than data! Nothing compares with experience, but surely it is vital to use the experience you have to challenge your own beliefs and above all use all the tools available at your disposal to ascertain the best campaign approach, then use all your experience and available data to make the best decision.


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