December 4, 2014

Increase Customer Engagement Over Christmas With Direct Mail

Increase customer engagement over Christmas with direct mail

Getting customers interested in or engaged with your brand during the Christmas season can be tricky. While consumers are more willing to spend their hard-earned money during this time of year, they’re also bombarded by adverts and seasonal marketing campaigns, all clamouring for their attention. As such, it can be difficult for any single business to stand out from the crowd and really engage them. So how can your business grab the customer’s attention? The answer, of course, is direct mail.

Sending out physical mail to attract customers  has several undeniable advantages over other forms of advertisement. The directness of one personalised form of advertising in the modern world is an advantage in itself. Consumers might see hundreds of televised and online ads throughout the course of the day, but the amount of promotional material they receive in the mail will be much more limited. This means they’re more likely to remember content from a supplier using a direct mail campaign, because it does not have to compete with reams of similar content. However, this is not the only advantage offered by direct mail advertising.

Unlike other forms of marketing, direct mail has a tactile quality, and this is its key strength. Whether you’re reaffirming bonds with existing customers or trying to recruit new ones, it’s important to remember that consumers respond well to material they can hold in their own hands. Mail of any sort has a more personal quality to it than other forms of communication, simply because humans form a deeper connection with things they can physically hold than with more intangible forms of content. Your business can use this to create an emotional bond with potential customers, by cultivating the image of a business which cares enough to send out real, physical mail to its valued patrons. Even in today’s hectic modern world, consumers still value businesses that demonstrate a friendly and caring attitude to their customers.

Direct mail marketing has to be used with care, clean and correct data is the key to success, but if deployed correctly, it can really help your business grab customers’ attention in at any time of year. Make time to take advantage of the benefits offered by direct mail marketing, so act now to get the best results possible!

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