October 29, 2014

Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi Channel Marketing


Romax brings multi-channel marketing in house

In addition to offering data services and printed direct mail marketing, Romax will now be able to provide seamless integrated SMS and email campaigns thanks to a new content management system from Italian developer MagNews.

Instead of sub-contracting out the email and SMS parts of multi-channel campaigns to other companies, Romax can now provide an entire multi-channel campaign using a single system. This makes it easier to achieve synergy between the different components of the campaign.

Romax’s managing director, Robin Sumner, said, “It enhances our cross-platform communications, as clients want to do e-shots as well as DM and have one point of contact for both to track them and keep a good reporting structure in place. One data source one manager of the campaign.”

“We’re great advocates of printed DM, but we know that when combined with electronic direct mail then its impact is greater than the sum of parts.”

Commenting on the investment, Managing Director, Robin Sumner said, “the fact that we are investing  both in our employees and improved technology further boosts the morale of all stakeholders, as they feel part of forward looking and developing company investing in the future. More automated systems also make working practices easier and ensure we create high-quality jobs, faster.”

Romax has not increased the number of people it employs in order to supply the additional services. Instead, it will rely on upskilling existing staff and relying on the already strong skill base that exists within the company.

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