August 16, 2021

Hybrid working – hybrid mailing

Hybrid working patterns and hybrid work locations are no doubt the future. We know that permanent office-based location working will transform to a more fluid and flexible arrangement following the lessons learnt during the covid 19 pandemic.

There is still a clear need for centralised meeting spaces where brainstorming will create motivation, growth and team cohesion. Interaction that can only be achieved by being in the same  physical space. Online is good when it comes to catch up and review meetings, it is demonstrably weaker when innovative conversations are needed – particularly when discussing new projects or meeting people for the first time.

What will the new office work model look like?

On Site – fewer permanent desks and perhaps more open meeting forums. A change in the layout and formatting to creative spaces rather than permanent office ‘work-stations’.

Off Site – we can all work better without interruption when working on proposals or planned projects, so anywhere quiet be it home, garden, park or beach, works as long as you have connectivity.

Of course, there is very definitely a clear requirement for many jobs to remain on site with a permanent set up; hospitals simply can’t work remotely, manufacturing companies can’t place equipment in people’s homes and many people just genuinely prefer to ‘go to’ work and have a defined separation between work and home.

Outsourced Mail Production – ooomail

This shift to a hybrid working environment will have consequences for office or site based communication print production sites. Where does leave the requirement for post rooms, office based printers and document printing for despatching vital commercial correspondence?

Email is clearly the quick and easy method of sharing information, but when there is a need to print the document or letter that is to be sent in the post for legal, marketing or GDPR preference reasons. How should this be managed moving forward?

Whether you are permanently office based, work remotely or intend to have a hybrid approach to work location, you still need access to physical mail produced under strict brand protocols and within a secure facility. The cost and inflexibility of onsite office-based printers, franking machines, the cost of associated labour to print, fold and enclose those items should now be a key factor when reviewing your approach to future working patterns and facilities management. for more information see ooomail

Hybrid working will lead to Hybrid Print and Mailing services.

Office based ‘Post’ and Mailed Communication is declining as email becomes the preferred method of sharing business communication.

Why employ a team and the costs of the equipment to cover a decreasing volume of printed mail? Using a dedicated shared facility through a secure provider that is set up to manage the process would make sense?

Why pay more for post and print by continuing with the ‘Old Fashioned’ way of working when you can benefit from internal overhead savings and ONLY pay for the printed mailed item when it is needed.

Reduce Costs on Printed Mail and Postage and Remove the Hassle

When working either remotely or office based – particularly in a hybrid working pattern, then connecting to network printers, finding the stationery cupboard, and working out which way the paper goes in the printer, should be a thing of the past.

All you need moving forward is access to the internet and a secure login to our hybrid mail solution. Saved in your encrypted secure account location will be your business templates, branded for use and ready to go.

Out of Office Print and Mail

You can have pre-formatted letters for ‘regular’ communications or have free text fields for unique documents. Instead of sending to a local print driver and printer, you send the same document to a cloud-based provider such as ROMAX OOOPrint (Out Of Office Print) and benefit from a recognised secure mailing services provider, and sameday/next day print and despatch.

This service is not only available for daily office print, but can also be used for marketing communications or client communications using a letter or postcard format from your own uploaded database. DIY marketing mailings at your fingertips.

For more information about Out of Office Print and a hybrid working – hybrid mailing services contact us directly.

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