September 12, 2022

How Membership Cards will be Beneficial to Your Business

Membership Cards

Customer loyalty must be a contributing factor to the success of your business. Gaining a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer, so it’s worth building loyalty from your regular customer base. After making a purchase, a customer has started to build trust in your business. To build on that trust, and help create a loyal relationship, a loyalty scheme encourages customers to return and make more purchases.

Personalised membership cards can include name, membership number, additional membership levels, barcodes, signature and magnetic strips with overprint and embossed or raised print.

Membership card

Reasons to Have Membership Cards

Membership cards are important elements within marketing strategies which build brand loyalty.. Companies that sell products or services frequently, can offer consumers business membership cards. The cards provide customers with different benefits, such as discounts on future purchases or VIP privileges. Membership cards could be free to customers or chargeable if they offer high-value privileges.

Membership cards add value for a business’ customers. Members receive exclusive offers or rewards in the form of loyalty points that they can exchange for other services or products. Structured membership programmes and discount offers motivate higher spending. Tiered discounts or additional rewards encourage customers to spend above a certain level and companies can also offer different categories of membership. This encourages customers who commit to spending at an agreed-on level. The scheme might offer corresponding levels of benefit with silver, gold and platinum membership cards.

Personalised Membership Cards Reinforce Your Brand

Personalised membership cards that integrate magnetic strips or microchips enable companies to capture data at the point of sale. This builds a picture of individual customers’ spending patterns and choices. The data taken enables companies to build a detailed understanding of their customers and create personalised marketing campaigns. A retailer, for example, might offer a customer a series of vouchers based on their recent purchases.

With benefits that customers value, personalised membership cards strengthen brand loyalty. Customers who earn personalised discount vouchers are more likely to continue purchasing from the same brand to take advantage of the offer: membership cards cement a customer’s connection to a company.

Consumers today want to belong to something important and know that you value them, not only as consumers, but as individuals. With a customised branded look and feel, you can provide your customers with a physical reminder of how your products and services include them as part of your brand.

Types of Membership Card Programs

It’s important to determine which type of membership scheme fits best for your organisation. Here are the three most common types:

  • Points Programs

Customers accumulate points based on their purchases with a points program. They receive coupons on a regular basis once they collect a certain number of points. For example, customers might earn one point for every pound spent in your business and get a £1 coupon for every 100 points.

  • Cashback Loyalty Programs

A cashback program allows customers to earn a certain percentage back in cash with each purchase for future purchases at your business.

  • Tiered Loyalty Programs

A tiered loyalty program has various levels of spending. Customers get different rewards based on the amount they spend and allows business to offer rewards even for infrequent or low-spending customers. They can then reserve more valuable rewards for the biggest spenders.

Digital Membership Cards

As an alternative to a physical membership card, digital membership cards are quick and easy to use with instant deployment. They make full use of your smartphone. As everyone carries their phone with them, users won’t misplace their cards, making them convenient and stress free. Digital membership cards are more cost effective than traditional membership cards: no printing and shipping costs related to creating new cards or replacing old ones.  Digital membership cards are customisable by including discounts and other benefits to your members, based on a customer’s membership level and spending habits. As they aren’t made of a physical substance; they are more eco friendly and help the planet by reducing plastic waste and preventing pollution by minimising the use of new raw materials. Ultimately, they have many of the same features as traditional membership cards but with a higher level of security.

Physical Membership Cards vs Digital Membership Cards

However, some may feel that while digital membership cards have a place in your business, there is still a place for a physical card. An organisation who spends money to send physical cards will make some members feel valued. Additionally, physical cards don’t have the frustrations and inconvenience of locked accounts, forgotten passwords or inconsistent Internet connection that digital membership cards do. The bottom line is there is a place for both physical and digital membership cards, as they can both complement each other: while waiting for a physical card to arrive, you can enrol instantly with a digital card. Conversely, having a digital card can save you from carrying a physical card with you.

Increase Your ROI with Membership Cards

Membership cards offer a huge potential for increasing return on investment. Offering membership cards increases sales by enticing customers to make repeat purchases. Targeted customer schemes present a chance for your customers to receive exclusives and feel more valued by you.

Membership Card Print Services

Whether you run a professional organisation or club, your membership cards are the face of your operations. Here at Romax, all our membership card printing services offer the ability to create bespoke designs, featuring your unique configuration. Our membership card print services use high-quality plastic with the latest print techniques available. Get in touch with one of our team members today.

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