July 1, 2020

Happy New Year?

Amongst all the mayhem, lockdown and COVID related economic uncertainties, July 2020, sees the start of the new financial year for Romax! This is cause for celebration, it may not exactly be the year-end we had envisaged – the trumpet fanfares and bunting will remain under wraps for now. Our plans as with many have been knocked back – but life is full of knock-backs and our strength is in getting up and going another round, perhaps a little older and a little wiser!

During the last 3 months, all of the Romax team have gone beyond the normal call of duty. They have completed without complaint, tasks that have helped the business to continue to operate under far from normal conditions. They have been brave and adaptable in the face of uncertainty and applied themselves in a professional and admirable manner –  as directors, Margaret and I are incredibly proud of them all.

Romax has been trading since 1997. We have just completed 23 years of data-driven marketing and communications, helping our customers to reach their clients and promote their services and products. We have been an enabler, an advisor, a preferred supplier and we have grown together with many of them. We are extremely grateful to all clients and partners for their support over the years and are excited about the next 23!

23 has special meaning for many…

Discordianism is a self-declared religion based on the premise that discord and chaos are the building blocks of life, 23 is their Holy Number and a tribute to the goddess Eris, who surveys a world of chaos. This is an apt comparison perhaps for ‘COVID world’ and although we all look forward to the past, when we can once more shake hands,  meet face to face and give our friends and family a hug, we can take a moment to thank and actually celebrate the positivity and tenacity of the human spirit.

Michael Jordan, the American basketball player, wore the number 23 throughout his career – this as a great number for him –  we should all look at the focus and commitment that he had in taking the Chicago Bulls, a mid-level team, to become winners of 6 NBA World Titles in 8 years– perhaps we can all learn from this that a clear and determined focus on what we want will help us all to recover and all come out winners in the coming months and years.

New life is created from the fusion of 2 x 23 chromosomes. The building blocks of a new beginning, a new life. At Romax we can use the combined knowledge and experience gained from the first 23 years and fuse that into a vision for the next 23. Adaptation requires a change in an ever-changing environment, positive change that keeps us fit for purpose, in Darwinian terms, adapt or die. At Romax we aim to continue our goal of being the best, to remain the business that is most fit to survive the world that we live in, and help others along that journey too.

Next year will be a rollercoaster, but let’s strap in, take the bumps, twists, turns and flips with smiles on our faces (but no screaming – it’s not allowed ) and enjoy the ride – let’s face it, when we get off and look back – we do so having conquered our fears!

Managing Director,
Robin Sumner.

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