March 6, 2018

[Webinar] GDPR for Marketing Professionals

GDPR for Marketing Professionals

Continuing our highly successful series of webinars, Romax Marketing will be offering Marketing Professionals the opportunity to get a full and practical insight into what GDPR means to the future of marketing.

———– Download the presentation and watch the recording here ———–

The Webinar will cover:


  • The 5 Key principles of marketing
  • Why GDPR is being introduced and its scope
  • Accountability and Data Security
  • Legitimate Interest
  • What constitutes ‘Consent’
  • What is a Data Breach and what must be done following a breach
  • The data subjects rights
  • Profiling and the GDPR.


GDPR as a topic can leave you at best feeling drained so our Webinar Content will be presented in an easy to absorb format, specifically focussed on GDPR in a marketing role.

———– Download the presentation and watch the recording here ———–

Who should attend:

  • Any Marketing Professional
  • Directors needing reassurance that their organisation is ready for GDPR
  • Data Professionals.



Webinar:  GDPR for Marketing Professionals
When: Wednesday 14th March 2018 Download the presentation and watch the recording here
Time: 1 pm GMT
Host: Robin Sumner, Managing Director Romax Marketing & Distribution.



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