January 20, 2016

Finishing – Don’t fall at the final hurdle!

Finishing – Don’t fall at the final hurdle!


Being in the print industry, I genuinely love print; the feel, the look (not so much the smell) and the enthusiasm I feel when seeing the final product. So much energy and time is spent by marketing professionals, designers and the printers themselves to produce the finest printed product, it is a real shame when having done so much that a piece of print is although good quality, does not give of added WOW!

This bug bear of mine, is seeing a beautifully printed item that is let down by the poor quality of the finish.

In my opinion, the finishing of the product is just as or more important than the printing.

What options are there for finishing?

There are so many techniques to enhance your print. They will all  make a positive impact and leave the recipient recognising the quality that relates to your brand.

I have listed a few below:


  • Innovative folding types, Cross fold, concertina fold, roll fold, not just a standard fold.
  • Glue dots or glue seals to seal down a one piece mailer.
  • Matt lamination, gloss lamination, UV varnish, embossing, foiling.
  • Die cutting, this is the ‘shape punching’ to trim out unique shapes.
  • Perfect binding (square Edge) stitching ( centre stapling), wiro-banding.

When creating a concept of a printed piece, the final look, feel and finish should be vital.

Investment in technology now means more options are readily available at competitive costs. Many finishing techniques can now be managed in-house with quicker turnarounds than in past.

Branding is key to any organisation, without it you lose your identity and simply disappear into the back ground.

So please, next time you are discussing / designing your next piece of print, research all print finishing techniques available and add a little glitz!


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