July 18, 2011

Don’t Blow your own trumpet!

Well you don’t have to when results sound a large blast all by themselves!!

Every year Romax distributes a client survey – some say we should be doing this more often and well we always welcome feedback, and we want criticism so don’t hold back!

The annual survey is an ideal way to get this done – Romax use Survey Monkey but there are others available (but this one’s free!)

What does a survey do for you? Well I can only tell you what is does for us. We have over 500 organisations that we complete work for. The last survey produced a response of 70 replies.

One thing we do know is that clients tell us when they are VERY HAPPY and when they are in the slightest bit UNHAPPY. Rarely does a client call us up and say – you did exactly what you were employed to do!

So there are therefore two extremes – Happy client and Unhappy Client: we keep records of both throughout the year and make sure we improve our Happy Customer Numbers Month by Month!

The annual survey allows us to take a ‘snap shot’ of our performance and also ask pertinent questions.

If the doctrine that our clients will give good feedback when happy and bad feedback when unhappy – then our results year on year should give us room for some satisfaction.

What it does tell me is that we need to commit to more market research.

We believe we are offering a cutting edge service, introducing new concepts and keeping our clients fully aware of what we offer. Is this the case?

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