June 23, 2015

How data management systems can help omni channel campaigns

How data management systems can help multi channel campaigns

The rapid take up of new devices by consumers creates both a headache and a huge opportunity for companies seeking to market their products. The opportunity is that it has never been more possible to reach potential customers no matter where they are or what kind of media they are choosing to consume. The headache is that to effectively communicate with these customers, it is necessary to pull together data from across several different channels and organise it to give an idea of the information they require.

ONLY 1 in 4 Organisations can link data across marketing channels effectively.

Surveys suggest that as few as one in four companies are able to link together data from different channels to create a complete picture of the potential buyers of their products and services. This is a challenge for any company, but for those who are trying to break into a new market the need to improve their data management approach is something that they could well do without. An effective marketing partner with experience in data management can be of enormous value in these case, such as a UK-based multimedia marketing company with extensive knowledge of data management, that can help any company to get on top of the data management requirements to maximise return on marketing investment in an omnichannel environment.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of effective data management will be seen across every channel used to communicate with potential customers by an increase in client engagement and ROI. It shouldn’t be seen solely as an approach for the new digital media. Traditional printed communications will be improved as well by the fact that you will have a better idea of what to send out and when. Romax have extensive experience in providing print on demand and direct mail marketing that can respond to the needs of customers. With our new data management techniques we can automatically update and print catalogues, thereby ensuring that customers are always given the very latest product information.

Data Management

In order to manage data effectively, Romax can use the data outputs from industry leading software including but not limited to Hybris Product Content Management and Agility Multichannel. Forrester Research have described the Hybris software as a Leader in the product information management field due to its “unique” tightly integrated PIM/ecommerce approach.  These master data management systems draw data in from various sources, combine them and automatically publish them to downstream channels. By using systems such as this, Romax are able to ensure that potential customers can use the rich information to enable more effective print and OMNI channel messaging and campaigns, improving end user conversion into purchase decisions.

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