July 23, 2015

My ILM Degree Journey….. by Charlene Plows, Head of Client Services, Romax

BPIF ILM Level 5 Degree Certificate in Leadership and Management

My Journey….. by Charlene Plows, Head of Client Services, Romax

Charlene Plows ILM Graduation 2015

Well what can I say, I started this course two years ago and honestly thought about dropping out on at least a million occasions! No seriously, it was hard balancing work and home life ( not to mention my very busy, hectic and trendy social life –  if only!) BUT would I recommend it? ….Without a doubt!

When I started this course, I was starting out in management and thought there was little improvement I needed as of course, I knew my job – who could possibly do it better, just ask my staff!! WELL, little did I know, that after only my first assignment, I realised I was an impatient manager who micro-managed her staff and expected all my team to all be mini-me’s!!

The ILM Degree Level 5  course…..

The qualification includes BPIF Graduation and the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 5 Diplomas in Management (NVQ) and Principles of Leadership & Management (VRQ).

Throughout this course, you learn about yourself as a manager but more importantly as a person.

The BPIF held several workshops throughout the course. I personally, thought I had the attention span of a goldfish and used to struggle with any meetings over one hour long!!! But hand on my heart, I kept awake for all the workshops – they were informative, lively, interactive and most importantly relevant!

There are five mandatory assignments based on Finance, Critical Thinking, Leading Innovation, Managing Improvement and Managerial Performance; along with these you are also required to pick a couple of optional assignments – these all work towards your diploma.

You are then required to complete functional skills ICT, Maths and English.

Finally the NVQ. There are a number of units including developing operational plans, planning change, providing leadership and working productively. To reach the required standards you need to provide evidence from the workplace which can include: observations, professional discussions, questioning, interviews, witness testimonies and physical products.

Has the course enhanced my work ability…..In short – MASSIVELY!!

As there has been so many improvements, I have simply bullet pointed a few below for you:-

  • Improved managerial accountability
  • Improvement in formal procedures
  • Better understanding of cash flow and how revenue costs are classified
  • Improved presentation skills
  • Understanding different learning styles of employees
  • To include the team more and to slow down

So where am I now…..

I am successfully managing the Client Services team at Romax Marketing & Distribution.

We are hitting targets, the atmosphere is buzzing and have just celebrated a very successful ‘year 18’!!

I truly believe the clear improvement in my management skills, is very much down this course and the journey I have taken.

Through the support of my partner, family, Romax and the BPIF, I successfully graduated on the 2nd July and this was one my greatest achievements and proudest moment of my life.

Please take my advice and sign up – you won’t regret it!

To contact Charlene email: cplows@romax.co.uk


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